Roy & Associates provides life, disability and critical illness insurance that works when you need it to work. Because we assist you with planning for future possibilities, we help guide you in a direction that is most beneficial to your personal choices.

While these types of insurance seem generic, we take the time to make them specific to what really works for your life - now and in the future. And when you know the industry as well as we do, we can show you benefits of having insurance and making it work for the things you wish to accomplish.

Insurance is an investment in your goals. We cannot foresee the challenges that lay ahead, but we can be prepared to meet them and deal with them effectively. That is where Roy & Associates becomes an integral part of your planning process.

For as long as you can probably remember, the benefits of having a backup plan or “just in case” proviso have been a regular part of your life. Insurance is that very same security, arrived at by advance planning.

It is worth your time, to spend some time with us.

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Term, Universal Life and Whole Life Insurance

BMO Insurance • Canada Life
Desjardins Financial Security
Empire Life • RBC Insurance
Equitable Life Assurance
Industrial Alliance • Assumption • Axa • La Capitale • Future Bright • Manulife Financial • Sun Life Standard Life • Unity Life

Disability Insurance

Manulife Financial,
Canada Life • Desjardins • Industrial Alliance • RBC Insurance • Great West Life

Critical Illness

Industrial Alliance
Transamerica • Assumption
Axa • La Capitale • BMO Insurance • Canada Life • Desjardins Financial Security • Empire Life Great West Life • Standard Life RBC Insurance • Manulife Financial • Sun Life

Individual Health & Long Term Care

Desjardins Financial Security
Great West Life • Benecaid
Manulife Financial • Blue Cross
RBC Insurance • La Capitale

Travel Insurance

Manulife • Blue Cross
AIG Travel Guard