Retirement used to mark the end of a career. Today, it marks the start of what’s next in your life. That could be furthering your education, starting a new career, or pursuing a cause that you now have the time to pursue. Whatever it means to you, Roy & Associates would like you to have an idea of what it is going to look like financially.

Roy & Associates believes in pre-retirement planning. We don’t need for you to know what you want to do specifically when you retire, but we need you to start a strategy that will facilitate whatever you end up doing.

This is not your parents’ retirement plan. This is not your children’s retirement plan either. What we’re talking about is a planning process that will create your retirement opportunity.

Part of wealth management is retirement planning. If we know what your expectations are, we can plan for you to meet them, even if they change. And if you know you have a plan for your retirement, you can spend this time better.

That is what Roy & Associates can help you achieve.








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